What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank: A Fantasy Lover's Food Guide - Krista D. Ball This is an absolutely charming reference book and food guide! It covers everything from the general history of food, an overview of the politics and logistics of food (and feeding an army), food preservation, what types of food would be available in various time periods and climates, AND actual recipes for making some of these historic dishes yourself.

The prose is easy to read, accessible, and funny. (Also well-researched, and complete with end notes and citations.) There are plenty of wonderful side bars with little tidbits, facts, recipes, and trivia you didn't know you needed to know. Ms Ball has a talent for inserting hilarious anecdotes (such as her collage years without coffee) and fascinating stories about everything involving food.

This isn't just a book for fantasy writers, either. WHAT KINGS ATE is perfect for foodies, the SCA, history buffs, and everyone who enjoys a good book.

I've found this gorgeously put-together book indispensable for reference, and also it does what any good book is supposed to do: it tells a compelling story.

WHAT KINGS ATE AND WIZARDS DRANK chronicles food and history in a fun, engaging style. And like a good meal, it leaves you full and satisfied at the end. (Although there's always room for dessert!)