Graceling - Kristin Cashore This had a very intriguing premise (sort of like superheroes with random powers) which I moderately liked--I think my reservations on this come down to taste. The narrative style didn't jive with me, and overall it just felt too long for the amount of story. (It wasn't wordy--the prose was fairly trim, which was nice. But for how much plot there was, I didn't think it warranted almost 500 pages; I think I wanted more depth and nuances than it delivered on.)

So, it was okay--I'll check out the next book, but nothing in this one sprang out at me as squee-worthy and gripping. (I did like Katsa's internal problems, given how invincible she is externally, but it didn't quite ever feel deep or meaty enough to satisfy me, though normally I love this kind of internal conflict in a story. All I can mark it up to is personal taste, in this case.)